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Imran Ahmed (Project X)

Imran Ahmed (born November 18 1973), in Karachi Pakistan. is a guitarist/composer/songwriter. He was recognized internationally when one of his poetry “Choose the Hard way” was selected by Hollywood Artist Record Company way back in 1989/90. After that there was no turning back, He then performed in on international level with the likes of Royal Albert Hall in London and various places of The United States.


After completing his high school he then graduated from university. When Imran was only 10 years old he was fascinated by guitars by one of his teachers at school who would play acoustic guitars during co-curricular lessons. One of his classmates handed him a tape of various rock artists from around the world, and it changed his life forever. Imran had no idea what these guitars with distortion actually were and only got to know when he laid his hands on Guitar World Magazine from a kid in his neighborhood. At that time it was almost impossible to get American/British rock music in Pakistan as the country was infected by commercial Urdu/Hindi music from India. People were unaware of such music and nobody wanted to listen to English music let alone listened to rock music. At the age of 15 Imran bought his first guitar, an acoustic guitar with only 5 strings and Imran had no idea that guitar had 6 strings. Imran locked himself in the room and practiced his instrument for hours and hours. By the time he was 17 he bought his first electric guitar a cheap copy of Stratocaster, that’s where he decided that he wanted to be a rock guitarist and would dream of playing around the world.

When Imran was 18 he wrote a poem called “Choose the Hard Way” which was selected by Hollywood Artists Record Company USA and the poem was made into a song and was included in the album “Music of America”. Imran Ahmed played in the local scene for quite some time until he met an eastern classical singer Karam Abbas Khan and a friend Keyboardist Waseem Naiz with whom he formed his first professional band ‘Garaj’ meaning thunder. The band played a fusion of rich classical and contemporary rock music and was appreciated by both critics and fans around the world. Within a year the band was invited to play at the prestigious “Royal Albert Hall’ in London before 6000 audience, the concert was to raise charity for the earth quake victims back in Pakistan it was a collaboration between UK and Pakistan. Imran released his first self-titled debut album “GARAJ” and in 2009 the band toured United States and played in various cities of the US. After returning from the US tour Imran Ahmed decided to quit Garaj because its music wasn’t rock enough to feed his hunger for wailing guitar solos and aggressive rhythms. In 2011 Imran Ahmed formed his first English rock band called “Project X” with Melvin Clements on Vocals and Usman on Keyboard. The band decided to play only rock English songs and to create originals. Project X started working on the album and by 2016 finished their self-titled album in 2016. Unfortunately in the same year Melvin got severely sick and was hospitalized for Aplastic Anemia which he had for years and it only got worse. On February 2016 Melvin Clements was pronounced dead leaving a huge void in Project X. Soon after the demise of the singer Usman the keyboard player also left the band to settle abroad. Imran Ahmed was left alone, but he didn’t give up and wanted to continue the legacy of Project X. In 2016 the band’s first single “Crazy” got airplay in Chicago Radio and all over the internet radios in US and around the world. In May 2016 Imran Ahmed  got his first international nomination for Independent American Music Awards aka The Josie Music Awards in 2017 Imran Ahmed won “The 2017 Josie Music Awards” held at Nissan Stadium in Nashville, Tennessee USA in the category of “World Musician of the year”. Imran Ahmed was nominated for the same awards JMA’s in 2018 and 2019 respectively.

In 2019 he won the ISSA Awards (International Singer Songwriters Association) Held on August 3rd 2019 at Georgia Atlanta USA, in Male Rising Star Category and the only Pakistani musician to reach that status. Imran Ahmed is a member of Indie Collaborative and his single “Trapped Within” is released on Bongo Boy Record founded by Monique Grimme. Moreover, his instrumental EP “All Guns Blazing” is released on independent label Dr John’s Surgery Record. Imran Ahmed was presenter and an official judge of 2020 ISSA Awards (International Singers Songwriters Association) and also an official judge for The Red Carpet Awards Show in Holland (Fair Play Country Music) he also won in “The Best Collaboration Category” of The Red Carpet Awards Show in Holland (Fair Play Country Music). Imran Ahmed’s Song ‘Believe in you-Believe in me’ co-written by US musician Ricky Davis is selected by a mini-series called “Hunting Jessica” directed by Lisa Lee Martin. In 2021 Imran Ahmed is once again the presenter and Judge of “The 2021 ISSA Awards” (International Singers Songwriters Association). Imran Ahmed has appeared countless times in local ( ARY Digital, Hum TV, Geo TV, PTV in various morning shows )  and local/ intentional media print media.

“Music has always been my forte and I want to take up music full-fledged in future, as I think that music is my life and I cannot live without it.” Says Imran.

Imran Ahmed is working on an album with various international artists and hopes to get a big break in music industry any time soon.

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The reason why I got into music in the first place and particularly into heavy metal/rock music was because I was angry. I was angry at so many things my surroundings, the circumstances I was a misfit in the society I felt alienated and left out. Fame and money was the last thing on my mind. I chose music because it was an escape for me and I thought that one song can change the world and if not the world it might change one person and that means everything to me. If one person can relate to my music it means I have achieved my goal. I don’t care if I will ever go mainstream. What I always wanted was to write music that pleases me rather than anyone else. To me, music and lyrics are equally important both should go hand in hand, both should be powerful enough to create an impact. I believe the sky is not the limit your mind is. The more limitations you put, the more you restrict yourself from improvement. My music doesn’t stick to one particular genre it has so much going on. Last but not the least, if you don’t believe in yourself why would anyone else believe in you? PEACE !




The Josie Music Awards





The Josie Music Awards





The Josie Music Awards



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