My performance at Royal Albert Hall in London before 6,000 crowd with my Eastern Classical band Garaj back in 2005 we raised 50,000 plus UK pounds in one night for the earthquake victims ..I was live on BBC and CNN !!!


If you want your music to be produced professionally and you live around Nashville area. I strongly recommend you should check out Don Balch musician /producer extraordinaire...

Mick Stanhope the Rockstar/Singer/Songwriter/Actor from Las Vegas (United States) known to be associated with the great musicians like Randy Rhodes, Quiet Riot, Rudy Sarzo and countless other 80s rockers and I Imran Ahmed from Karachi (Pakistan) will be doing a collaboration on a rock track soon..


Brauninger McDaniel

Here is the exciting news..The beautiful and very talented Brauninger McDaniel From Nashville (Untied States) and I Imran Ahmed from Karachi (Pakistan) will be collaborating on an album a five song EP, which will rock you all.. It's going to be awesome..Just a surprise for you.. Stay tuned for more news!!

Chris Mainfield

We proudly present For the first time the biggest collaboration amongst 3 nations Chris Mainfield from Germany, Drew Andini from Indonesia and Imran Ahmed from Pakistan

The only Pakistani musician to sign a major million dollar distribution deal with LSE/Sony Music. Honored by Jeremy Sizzlin, Sunny Jones and team... The Compilation album will be released in January 2019.

Sony LSE


Biggest collaboration of 2018 Connie (United States), Amanda (United States) and Imran Ahmed (Pakistan) “You Can’t Lose What You Never Had”

Imran Ahmed (Pakistan) Collaborated with the band “3Days In The Grave” from Los Angeles United States on two of the most rocking songs “Light” and “Trapped Within” and soon to be release “Sniffing Glue” Moreover, making of the album is in the pipeline , Shaista Imran has made an appearance in both the videos of “Trapped Within” and “Light” .

3Days In The Grave

Andrew Mellor

Andrew Mellor (United Kingdom) and Imran Ahmed (Pakistan) collaborated on the song “Crazy” which was given as a tribute to the original singer of Project X Melvin Clements who passed away in February 2016.

Upright Monkey

Imran Ahmed’s instrumental track “Upright Monkey” Got a decent airplay from different Radio Stations across the globe. Linda Arrico Centeno from Los Angeles (United States) made a special appearance in the video of “Upright Monkey” and was appreciated by fans and friends around the Globe.

Imran Ahmed (Pakistan) Collaborated with the German singer Chris MainField on two songs “Alone” and “Symphony Of Love” both the songs were extensively played on different Radio Stations around the world and the videos were done by Hagit Kastel who also produced many videos of Imran Ahmed.

Sony LSE


Imran Ahmed (Pakistan) Collaborated with Vincent Stone a multi instrumentalist from Italy ..Together they did a 9 song album called Infinite Peace Project ..A collaboration for Peace and Harmony between the two nations .. The album is available on Youtube …