Imran Ahmed (Project X)

Imran Ahmed is a guitarist/composer/songwriter hailing from Karachi-Pakistan. He was recognized internationally when one of his poetry “Choose the Hard way” was selected by Hollywood Artist Record Company way back in 1989/90. After that there was no turning back, He then performed in on international level with the likes of Royal Albert Hall in London and various places of The United States.

He formed Project X and got tremendous amount of airplay from different Radio stations throughout the world. He is a three times Nominated artist of Independent American Music Awards aka The Josie Music Awards 2016/2017/2018 and Winner Of THE JOSIE MUSIC AWARD 2017 in WORLD MUSICIAN CATEGORY. Moreover, he is an official artist of CBC Music Canada and more recently one of his tracks “Crazy” is signed by LSE Music/Sony Music

Imran Ahmed has worked with various artists around the world and has appeared countless times on local Television as well as in international print media. He has twice appeared in a reputable Music Magazine “Fair Play Country Music” and many local Newspapers and Magazines in Pakistan. Imran Ahmed is working on his album with various international artists and hopes to get a big break in music industry anytime soon.